Bush's intellect

You can call George Bush a lot of things—and his critics certainly do, as tens of thousands of them demonstrated outside Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Aug. 29, in advance of the opening of the Republican National Convention. But one of the biggest mistakes his haters make is believing that Bush is, well, dumb, in over his head as Commander in Chief. Big mistake.

Two recent Op-ed pieces in the Washington Post recently reminded me of the fallacy of equating Presidential mettle with bow tied eruditeness and being able to see two sides of any issue. Check out "The Dumb Factor" by Howell Raines, the deposed executive editor of the New York Times, and "The Pressure Cooker Theory" by columnist Charles Krauthammer. (Sorry, both sites require that you register to gain access, but the stories are worth reading and don't cost anything.) While they come to very different conclusions about Bush’s IQ, both remind readers that American could care a wit about academic achievement. THey are nice explorations of this area.

If Bush’s critics aren’t careful, they could tilt this election back to the incumbent’s favor again.

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