Media Hobnobbing

On Aug. 28, a Saturday night so sweltering that what little clothes many New Yorkers were wearing stuck to them like a second skin, the hungriest, thirstiest, most spolied, and arguably worst-dressed subculture in America descended on the new Time Warner Center in Manhattan like a plague of ravenous cicadas: the American media.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor George Pataki welcomed the throng (some said as many as 7,000 showed up, but that seemed overstated). But few took notice of the simpering pols. With dozens of bars serving up rows of Cosmos, martinis, and whatever premium booze demanded, and with food stations set up by notable New York eateries, who had time for political pablum?

Security was unusually tight for a party, with hundreds of New York's Finest sweating the perimeter. Oh, sure, it was a terrific night (by the way, thank you, Time Warner)-- a thousand times better than the media suck-up served by the Democrats in Boston. But what was wrong with this picture? As the oh-so-environmentally correct Fourth Estate gorged and ran throught thousands of plastic plates and containers, the heros of September 11 stood outside in the draining heat, waiting for the night to end so they could pay for a cold beer.

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