Swinging In Style

Gear to get your groove back

If you're a golfer who's in a funk over your game this summer, fear not. A raft of new equipment could help you get your groove back. For relief off the tee, TaylorMade Golf's (ADDDY ) revolutionary r7 quad driver ($499, taylormadegolf.com) comes with four tungsten screws that users can move around to change the weighting in the club head. That means, for instance, that golfers with a knack for hitting slices could reposition the heaviest screws to the two slots closest to the shaft -- and improve the odds of keeping their drives in play.

If your problem lies in the fairways, consider TourEdge clubs (touredge.com). The company offers a complete 13-club line of hybrids known as the Bazooka JMAX that blend the loft of irons with the forgiveness and ease-of-use of fairway woods ($70 each, steel shafts; $80, graphite). The JMAX hybrids are ideal for novices who simply need to play a few respectable rounds of business golf each year.

If you're looking for help with your short game, consider Cleveland Golf's CG10 wedges ($120, clevelandgolf.com). Thanks to a new steel that's infused with 17 times more carbon, the CG10 wedges offer more feel and forgiveness than many other wedges you'll hit.

On the green, the most unique putter this year may well be the hammY putter ($150 to $180, hammYputter.com), which is more like a hockey stick, with a split-hand grip and angled shaft. By promoting a more opened stance, the hammY enables golfers to see the putting line with both eyes, which may well result in more made putts.

Finally, if you're in the market for a new golf bag, Ogio International's Stinger II cart bag ($250, ogio.com) comes with a proprietary hinge that buckles to the cart -- and then allows you to tilt the bag at a 45-degree angle away from the vehicle. The result: You may never have to fumble for a club again. Even if your game doesn't improve, you're still guaranteed to turn heads on the course.

By Dean Foust

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