A Doctor Who Treats Hospitals

An MD and now an MBA, GE Healthcare consultant George Mathew helps hospitals improve their bottom lines

My current job responsibilities at General Electric Healthcare, Performance Solutions revolve around leading and driving hospital operations projects. In short, with a team composed of both GE and hospital members, together we can help the hospital change or develop a new way to do its everyday operations, and ultimately, to help more patients.

To get this done, we use a combination of LEAN (a set of manufacturing improvement techniques derived from Toyota's production techniques), Six Sigma (a rigorous statistical operations improvement process), and pull from my consulting experience. There are also some opportunities to do product development and medical teaching for GE. My projects allow me to gain experience by either facilitating teams of a client's employees or working with my GE peers in getting statistical analyses and recommendations for addressing specific client goals.

During a typical week, I usually travel from my home office just outside of Milwaukee to New York City on Sunday nights or Monday mornings. I typically work there through Thursday or Friday and then return home again for the weekend.


7:00 a.m. -- I wake up in hotel room in New York City, pray, and turn on my computer. I check e-mail from my team leaders and reply as quickly as I can. It has become a game now to guess how much e-mail is waiting for me in the morning (anywhere from 12 to 35 messages), as some team members do most of their e-mailing late at night or extremely early in the morning.

9:00 a.m. -- I have a 10:00 a.m. client meeting. So, I grab a cab going uptown to one of the hospitals I'm currently working with to make sure that my clients and team members are gathering data or doing research for future improvements in our project's process.

11:00 a.m. -- At the hospital, I meet with teammates in our team room to review the work we've done for client presentations and plan what future work.

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