Stem-cell funding

Former President Clinton received a hearty laugh Monday night when he noted in his speech that the Republicans—through their tax cuts—are being nice to him now that he’s out of office and one of the nation’s wealthiest Americans. He also said they were robbing him and his millionaire buddies of their chance to sacrifice for their country by refusing to roll back the tax breaks. Perhaps he’s forgotten about charitable giving. Rich people can both do well and do good by contributing to worthy causes.

Ron Reagan Jr. highlighted just such a worthy cause for Democrats last night in his convention speech: embryonic stem cell research. The son of former President Ronald Reagan stated that this November voters “have a chance to take a giant stride forward for the good of all humanity.” Because of President Bush’s restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, universities like Harvard and Stanford and organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation are raising money to fund the research privately. By donating his disposable income to this cause, Clinton can—as Reagan Jr. put it—“cast a vote for embryonic stem cell research.” He doesn’t even have to wait for the election. And by Clinton’s own logic, the only down side for him as a taxpayer is the donations are tax-deductible.

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