Double vision

It’s really too weird for words. Two amazingly talented African-American women specializing in foreign policy from Stanford with the name of “Rice?” One, of course, the foreign policy adviser to President George Bush—Dr. Condoleeza—and the other a national security adviser to Democratic challenger John Kerry—Dr. Susan. We all know Condoleeza Rice by now and her story—concert pianist, Provost at Stanford, workout nut. But Susan? Well, this foreign policy adviser played basketball at the National Cathedral School's prep school in D.C. Then Stanford, graduating in the class of ’86, according to the Stanford Magazine. Then Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. And into the Clinton Administration, first in the White House National Security Council and then as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. And now adviser to John Kerry. Dr. Susan Rice vs. Dr. Condoleeza Rice. The Kerry campaign says their Rice is better. It boggles the mind.

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