Remembering September 11

In a meant-to-be-moving moment at last night’s convention, delegates in a darkened Fleet Center held up flashlight candles during a remembrance of September 11—the Democratic version of a thousand points of light.

Hours later near the famous Ye Olde Oyster House, an enterprising delegate was seen using the 9/11 “candle” to hail a cab...

If the terrorist attacks of 2001 were on Democratic minds last night, they were certainly less front lobe and center on Sunday evening, July 25. As convention-goers scattered after a UAW-DaimlerChrysler-sponsored concert at City Hall Plaza, few stopped to look at the 9/ll memorial. Too bad. On a block of concrete are hundreds of 4-inch-square panels sent in to the Boston Herald with thoughts about the tragedy.

One by K. Prata of Boston says: “Oh, our heavy hearts, our long overdue showing of patriotism, and our love for our fellow countrymen; we can no longer spoil our children and take for granted the freedoms we enjoy. Thanks to our military members and our forefathers’ laws to live by.

“How to get used to a feeling of vulnerability; how to teach our children still to love fellow human beings; how not to be afraid of each others’ differences. God bless us all.”

Things the Dems—and Republicans—might think about as we head into a divisive election.

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