Among Democrats, apparently, it matters how you lose

On the crowded convention floor Monday night, former California Governor Gray Davis was one of the more sought-out handshakers. Stationed in the front row of the California delegation, Davis was constantly popping out of his seat as well-wishers stopped by. And when he ventured onto the concourse of the FleetCenter, he was dogged by reporters. It was a far cry from Davis’s last political venture, when he was ousted by Golden State voters in a recall election—led by Republicans, but aided and abetted by many in Davis’s own party--that put Arnold Schwarzenegger into the Sacramento statehouse.

Meanwhile, Florida Senator Bob Graham, who shared the stage with John Kerry and John Edwards at countless debates before abandoning his quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination, ducked by unnoticed. He nodded and waved as he squeezed through the crowd—but no one was stopping him to shake hands.

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