Where To Hang Your Hat Next

Want to go back to school? Stay fit? Play golf? Here are some hot spots

So you're planning to retire. But where? No one can pick the best place for you, and we won't even try. It's a complex decision that demands you assess your finances, health, hobbies, and family connections. In the end, most people stay pretty much where they are. Just in case you're itching for a change, we asked experts to come up with suggestions for some retirement hot spots. They range from what you might expect -- communities with access to great golf -- to some that might not have occurred to you. Ever considered living on a college campus again? If you're the active type and see retirement as a way to pursue those interests full time, we look at a few retreats with mountains at hand, from popular Asheville, N.C., to out-of-the-way Sisters, Ore. Or maybe you're still dazzled by the bright lights of the big city, with its wealth of cultural and entertainment opportunities -- not to mention your family and lifelong friends. But you'd like some respite from the noise and congestion. We have a few ideas about nearby places where you can live a bit more comfortably.

By Larry Armstrong

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