Reassessing Taxachusetts

Biased against “Taxachusetts?” Hate the Bay State and everything it stands for? Read Robert David Sullivan’s op-ed piece in the Boston Sunday Globe. (You can read the essay by going to the homepage, and searching Sullivan's name. The search is free until July 29.) “The caricature of Commonwealth residents as woolly-headed liberals--and about as relevant to the future of the United States as the woolly mammoth--is sufficiently off base to require serious adjustment,” posits Sullivan, an associate editor at CommonWealth magazine. And with the exception of one serious Fo-PAH (Sullivan claims, in Massachusetts’ defense, that Minnesota hasn’t voted Republican since 1956. Au contraire, Mr. Sullivan, Minnesota went for Nixon over McGovern in 1972), the essay reminded me of a lot of things I’d forgotten about Massachusetts, like its Puritan streak (“Banned in Boston” was coined here, don’t forget), and how it votes for Republicans, too. It’s a good piece.

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