Candidates must master national pastime

John Kerry got a lot of good press for throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Red Sox-Yankees game on Sunday night, July 25. It was a nice photo op, with the convention in town. But let me ask this: How many votes did Kerry lose with that wussy throw? What’s with modern-day candidates incapable of reaching home plate with slow, wobbly efforts that would make any Little Leaguer cringe--boy or girl? George Bush tried to throw out the first pitch at a Rangers game during the 2000 campaign, as I recall, and he didn’t reach the plate either. Now, I realize it’s tough going to the mound before a worldwide audience and performing like El Duque. But heck, it’s part of the spectacle of campaigning that Americans get to see how candidates perform under pressure. If you want to lead America, loosen up first and throw the damn ball over the plate

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