Word To The Wise

Critical insight for small business

Welcome to the inaugural issue of SmallBiz-the new magazine from the editors of BusinessWeek that offers critical insight your business needs to survive and grow. You've been selected to receive SmallBiz because you are a valued subscriber to one of The McGraw-Hill Companies' other publications.

SmallBiz will publish original stories on technology, health care, human resources, recruiting, sales, and marketing -- all tailored for entrepreneurs.

As you know, small business is more important to today's economy than any other segment. Who better than the award-winning editors and economists at BusinessWeek-the world's leading business magazine-to provide the advice and analysis that will enable your company to remain competitive?

The McGraw-Hill Companies is the preeminent global provider of information, perspective, and solutions to help professionals stay on top in their fields and thrive in the global economy. And with this issue of SmallBiz, we extend our mission to serve the unique needs of sophisticated small-business executives. We wish you continued success.

By William P. Kupper Jr., President, BusinessWeek Group

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