When Little Guys Pay For Big Guys' Mistakes

There is a growing inability for larger companies to correct errors within their systems in a timely manner. This may sound like a small problem, but it is a serious and common concern for small-business owners.

In just one example, after our building was hit by lightning, our utility company read the surge as electricity we had used and sent us a bill for over $5,000. Our average monthly bill was $150. It took over a year of constant battles to get this corrected. In the meantime our electricity was getting shut off regularly, collection calls came daily and late fees were added to our account. It posed a serious problem when we wanted to move and have new service connected.

Thanks to mistakes such as these, instead of focusing on ways of expanding our business, we are forced to fight off the big boys and the mistakes they make simply to keep our business afloat.

Shanda R. Ziegler

McHenry, Ill.

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