Mastering "Call" Options

What are the correct forms of address for a proud graduate and a married couple? Read on

By Marjorie Brody

Q: Having completed my MBA program, I am very proud of my accomplishment -- especially since I completed 16 classes in 14 months while working full-time. I would like to start using MBA on e-mail, letters, and resumes. Are there guidelines for such usage? I never used BA after I graduated from a four-year school, but this seems different.


Congratulations! This is different from a BA. Using MBA as you described is very appropriate in business and work-related situations.

Q: When a married woman uses her maiden name and you are addressing a business letter to both she and her husband, do you put the husband's name first and the wife's second? Also in the address at the top of letter, who is listed first? What about the envelope? Thank you.


While I don't necessarily agree with the recognized standard approach, it is to list the man's full name first, followed by the woman's full name. If you were writing to me, for example, it would be addressed as follows: Dr. Alan Frieman & Ms. Marjorie Brody.

Marjorie Brody is a professional speaker, executive coach, and author of 18 books, including Professional Impressions…Etiquette for Everyone, Every Day, and Career MAGIC: A Woman's Guide to Reward & Recognition. For more information on these and other titles go to BrodyCommunications, call 800 726-7936, or e-mail brodyetiquette.

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