Online Extra: What's Your House Really Worth? (extended)

Here are some Web sites that can help you figure out the value of your home

Appraisal Institute

Searchable database of 18,000 appraisers.

Bank of America

Data on three comparable-area sales with high and low valuation range.


Easy-to-use form provides last sales price as well as valuation range.

Domania (Home Price Check)

Extensive listing of recent neighborhood sales.

Domania (Value Check) One of the few free services to provide an actual valuation figure.

Electronic Appraiser

Detailed property report with tax, valuation, and comparable sales data is $29.95, or $55.00 with a photo.

Fidelity National Financial (Value Your Home)

Used by realtors, but available to public. Generates at 20-page report with predicted value as well as detailed local data for $15 monthly fee.


Price index lists up to 20 properties, which can be sorted by price, age, size, and proximity.

National Association of Master Appraisers

Another association site that links you up with an appraiser in your neighborhood.

Wells Fargo

Provides comparable sales data for 10 properties, which can be sorted by date and proximity.

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