What I Learned From My Internet Coach

Earlier this year I got a lesson from Laird Small, director of instruction at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy. Like most golf instructors, his lesson- giving features video analysis as part of the more traditional "hands-on" work on the practice range. A few days later, using Swing Solutions software, he e-mailed me an electronic "booklet" that included before-after comparisons of my swing from two views, with his comments. He also added a video clip of PGA Tour player Stuart Appleby for me to use as a pro model. The gee-whiz part of this Internet lesson is how I can view my swing in stop-action motion, clicking on the play and pause buttons below the images.

The next step will be for me to send Laird a video clip of my swing, ideally from out on the golf course so we can look at how my range swing compares to my "real" swing. As Laird said, "That's where people are really interested in making an improvement, and that's where we as coaches have to do a better job." It might be a while before I can swing another trip out to Pebble Beach, but now I know help from Laird is just an e-mail away.

By S.S.

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