Scrushy On The Record

Richard Scrushy declined to speak to BusinessWeek directly. But after the magazine submitted a list of questions, he did agree to give his answers to a spokesman, who transcribed them and forwarded the notes to us.

Why has your counterattack to government charges been so aggressive?

I am innocent of the accusations against me and have been blessed by the Lord in having the resources to confront my accusers. The Web site is a resource for the truth. There is no other place to find accurate information about me and the case, which [has] been distorted and misreported in the media, including yours.

I used to have a radio show and enjoyed it. I was looking for an opportunity to get back on the air and a friend [told] me about the half-hour availability on TV. The format is service to the community and has a spiritual component. Both Leslie and I were raised in religious families and have always had religion as a central part of our lives.

Do you worry that such apparently hardball tactics could backfire?

[I] do not see any of this as hardball. What is hardball about doing community service and giving people access to accurate, truthful, uplifting content?

How is the Scrushy family holding up?

We have a strong family. The kids go to school. Dad goes to work...[We're] just doing what everybody else does and keeping things as normal as possible for the kids.

Did you join Guiding Light to curry favor with a jury pool?

First, I was a member long before I was indicted. [One vocal critic is] a plaintiffs' attorney who stands to gain tens of millions of dollars in civil suits against me and HealthSouth, and who never wastes an opportunity to defame and denigrate me.

What do you think it will take to win?

Twelve honest jurors.

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