How Caraco Could Get Swallowed

By Gene G. Marcial

Ion An Even Keel
Detroit's Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CPD ), a small maker of generics, has caught the eye of India's Sun Pharmaceutical. In February, Sun raised its holding in Caraco from 49% to 62%, paying 9 a share for the stakes of two Caraco ex-directors. The stock is now at 9.16.

Some pros think Sun is out to acquire Caraco, with which it has a link: In 2002, Sun agreed to provide Caraco with the formula for 25 generics. In return, Sun would receive Caraco shares for each drug Caraco developed with Sun's knowhow. "There's a good chance that Sun will eventually buy all of Caraco," says Sven Monberg of Superstock Investor, which focuses on takeover targets. More than a third of Indian drug patents expire in 2005, he notes, creating a big opening for generics. Sun would also gain entry to the U.S. market, says Monberg. Caraco earned $11 million, or 44 cents a share in 2003, vs. a loss of $2.26 million, or 10 cents in 2002.

Based on estimated cash flow in 2004 of 76 cents to 80 cents a share, Monberg figures the stock is worth 14 to 16. Among big investors: Fleet Boston and Galleon Group. Caraco didn't return a call for comment.

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