According to a BusinessWeek survey, 141, or 59%, of 238 public Web companies made money in the fourth quarter of 2003. That's up from 41% a year ago. Here's a list of the companies and how they did.
Company Name Symbol Profit in Q4 Comments
1-800-Flowers FLWS Yes Flower retailer is part of BusinessWeek's Real World Net Index
A.D.A.M. ADAM Yes Health-info company sells Web and other multimedia content to hospitals and health plans
Altiris ATRS Yes Software that lets corporations manage network assets
Amazon AMZN Yes Largest online bookseller and increasingly a huge force throughout retailing; RWII member
Ameritrade AMTD Yes Online stockbroker has wrung big cost savings from acquisition of rival Datek; Also in RWII
Aquantive (formerly Avenue A) AQNT Yes Online-focused ad agency is riding the revival of the online ad market
Ariba ARBA Yes E-Procurement software company made its first profits in late 2003 (check)
Art Technology Group ARTG Yes Makes marketing, sales and self-service software for e-tailers
Ask Jeeves ASKJ Yes Search engine site has ridden the popularity of search-based advertising
At Road ARDI Yes Makes software to enable mobile e-business, turned profitable in 3Q03
Auto-by-tel ABTL Yes Car-price and review site is beginning to make consistent profits, mostly on referral fees from dealers RATE Yes Very solidly so, but beware of barter revenue
BEA Systems BEAS Yes Big middleware maker whose products are widely used in e-commerce
Bluefly BFLY Yes E-tailer backed by George Soros
Callidus CALD Yes 2003 IPO for newly profitable maker of software to run incentive-pay programs
Charles Schwab SCH Yes Discount broker handles more than 80% of trades online
Checkpoint Software CHKP Yes Web security leader recently raised guidance
Chinadotcom CHINA Yes E-commerce software maker focused on Asian markets, based in Hong Kong
Citrix CTXS Yes Software manages access to corporate networks from multiple locations, including over the Net
Click Commerce CKCM Yes Web-based software for customer relationship and e-commerce management
Cnet CNET Yes Collection of technology and shopping sites
Collectors Universe CLCT Yes Specialized site serving collectors of serious collectibles
Concord Communincations CCRD Yes Network management and service level agreement monitoring software.
Concur Technologies CNQR Yes Expense management software, available on ASP model
Coolsavings CSAV.OB Yes Online direct-marketing and coupon company makes small profits, is worth just $21 million in market cap
Corillian CORI Yes Makes e-banking software to support bank Web sites
Ctrip CTRP Yes First Chinese Net travel agency -- IPO 12/03
Cybersource CYBS Yes By a whole $56,000 in 4Q, for e-payments security software vendor
Digital Impact DIGI Yes Runs online direct-marketing programs, market cap $70 million
Digital Insight DGIN Yes Maker of e-banking software for banks, RWII member since August 2003
Digital River DRIV Yes Security scares drive fortunes of electronic software delivery firm with strong ties to Symantec
Digitas DTAS Yes E-consulting firm
DoubleClick DCLK Yes Sells software and services to Web publishers and advertisers
E*Trade ET Yes Impressive turnaround under new CEO for online broker and bank
E.piphany EPNY Yes Customer relationship management software company turned first profit in late 2003
Earthlink ELNK Yes One of the last major access players to turn profitable
Easylink Services EASY Yes Software lets businesses automate forms and business processes
Ebay EBAY Yes The auction giant is one of few Net companies worth more now than at the bubble's peak
eCollege ECLG Yes Sells software to support Internet courses and training programs for business and school districts
Ediets DIET Yes Has been back and forth, depending on marketing spend. Atkins gave them a late-03 boost
eFUNDS EFDS Yes Web is only part of the business of diverse payment-processing company
E-Loan EELN Yes Mortgage site rode the refinancing boom to profitability, now must show it can attract purchase-mortgage business
Embarcadero Technologies EMBT Yes Software to manage database infrastructures
Entrust Technologies ENTU Yes A $60,000 4Q profit for company whose software protects digital IDs
Eresearchtechnology ERES Yes Online support for clinical drug trials
Espeed ESPD Yes Online treasury-bond exchange dominates market, but fourth quarter earnings disappointed
Exult Inc EXLT Yes Does business process outsourcing in human resources
F5 Networks FFIV Yes Content management software
FAST FAST.OL Yes Sells search technology to corporate Web sites.
FindWhat FWHT Yes Sells search-based advertising for a network of small and mid-sized Web publishers
FutureMedia FMDAY Yes Tiny British e-learning software company with 30 employees
Gaiam GAIA Yes New Age-focused e-tailer based outside Denver
Getty Images GYI Yes Photo agency does most of its business online
GSI Commerce GSIC Yes Provides logistics services to e-retailers
Hanaro HANA Yes Korean broadband provider whose shares trade on Nasdaq
Harris Interactive HPOL Yes Pollster now running more than 80% of surveys online
HealthExtras HLEX Yes Pharmacy Benefits Administration
IndyMac Bancorp NDE Yes Mortgage lender does most of its business through a network of Web-connected brokers
Inforte INFT Yes Consistently profitable e-consulting company with a raft of government agency clients
Infospace INSP Yes Henry Blodget's favorite stock, back from the dead
Infosys INFY Yes Indian outsourcing leader does the grunt work of e-business
InsWeb INSW Yes Made first profit in fourth quarter, with help from non-recurring gains
InterActiveCorp IACI Yes Dominates Internet travel through its Expedia, and Hotwire units
Internet America GEEK.OB Yes Access provider that trades on bulletin board rather than Nasdaq national market
Internet Gold IGLD Yes Israeli broadband access and content player
Internet Pictures IPIX Yes Makes software for panning video tours at sites like Expedia and
Internet Security Systems ISSX Yes Product line spans security hardware, software and services
Ipass IPAS Yes Software and services to implement Wi-Fi at corporations
iVillage IVIL Yes Women's portal made first profit as online ad market improved
J3 Global Comm JCOM Yes Runs well-known eFax service, among other businesses
JupiterMedia JUPM Yes Combines Web consulting with a collection of Web-based trade publications
keynote systems KEYN Yes Site monitoring software
Landacorp LCOR Yes E-health software company has agreed to be acquired by an investor group
Lionbridge LIOX Yes Helps companies make their Web assets multilingual
LivePerson LPSN Yes Makes software for online customer support
Looksmart LOOK Yes Won't be profitable for much longer -- lost key partnership with MSN MAMA Yes Obscure search engine whose stock tripled on profit announcement
Marimba MRBA Yes Manages distribution of software and content over corporate networks MKTW Yes Leading financial-news site turned into the black in 03
Mind CTI MNDO Yes Software for online mediation and billing
Modem Media MMPT Yes Online ad agency
Monster MNST Yes Leading job hunting site has been hurt by loss of America Online distribution deal
Net2Phone NTOP Yes Leading Voice-over-Internet carrier
Netbank NTBK Yes One of few Web pure plays to pay a dividend
Netease NTES Yes One of top three Chinese Web portals, with Sohu and Sina
Netegrity NETE Yes ID Management for Web based services
Netflix NFLX Yes Huge Wall Street darling, but 1Q earnings are soft due to faster-than-planned expansion
Netscreen NSCN Yes Security systems and appliance company, being bought by Juniper
Network Associates NET Yes Security software company bought ex-RWII member
NIC EGOV Yes E-government software
Niku NIKU Yes Management software for IT organizations and product developers
OneSource Information Services ONES Yes Content management software
Online Resources ORCC Yes Outsourcer for banks who don't run their own Web sites
Open Text OTEX Yes Content management software
Opsware OPSW Yes 1st profit comes in quarter ending Jan. 31 for maker of data center automation software, chaired by Netscape's Marc Andreessen
Pacific Internet PCNTF Yes Hong Kong broadband play
PEC Solutions PECS Yes E-consultants focused on government markets
Perficient PRFT Yes E-business software maker turned profitable in 2Q03
Persistence Software PRSW Yes E-business software
Priceline PCLN Yes RWII member now supplements name-your-own price with more conventional discount travel selling
Primus Knowledge Solutions PKSI Yes Small software company focused on customer service, including online support
Private Business PBIZ Yes Services include online transaction processing. Tiny but profitable, with $18 million market cap
Provide Commerce PRVD Yes Runs
Quest Software QSFT Yes Makes database management software
Radware RDWR Yes Israeli maker of security solutions
Raindance Communications RNDC Yes Web and audio conferencing services
Red Envelope REDE Yes But e-tailer's growth in 4Q disappointed market
Red Hat RHAT Yes Leader in software and services based on Linux operating system; many skeptics on its valuation RCOM Yes Registers domain names
RSA RSAS Yes E-security pioneer
S1 Corporation SONE Yes eBanking software maker turned into the black after extended turnaround.
Sapient SAPE Yes E-consulting firm has returned to the black after bracing bath of red ink
Secure Computing SCUR Yes Security player turned into the black in 2002
SeeBeyond SBYN Yes Software integration company's products aid in sharing data with business partners
Sina SINA Yes Leading Internet portal in China; Member of RWII
Sohu SOHU Yes Another leading China portal company
SupportSoft SPRT Yes Formerly, makes software to automate, yet personalize, customer service
Switchboard SWBD Yes Runs Internet phone-book site
Symantec SYMC Yes RWII member; Security software for consumers--and increasingly for business
Telecommunications Systems TSYS Yes Software for wireless carriers to provide text messaging and other services
TheKnot KNOT Yes Wedding planning site also has print publications
TheStreet TSCM Yes Investing-advice and financial news site was a monster 1999 IPO that set the tone for the bubble
Tibco TIBX Yes Internet infrastructure software
Travelzoo TZOO Yes Travel news and deals
Trend Micro TMIC Yes Security software, based in Japan
Tucows TCOW Yes Toronto company registers domain names and provides other Web services
Tumbleweed Communications TMWD Yes Security software company
United Online UNTD Yes Sells low-cost, low-speed Net connections. Member of RWII
University of Phoenix Online UOPX Yes Offers online college-level courses to 95,000 students. Member of RWII
ValueClick VCLK Yes Handles e-mail marketing and online ad purchasing for corporate clients
Varsity Group VSTY.OB Yes Online bookstore for college set
Verint VRNT Yes 2002 IPO. Digital surveillance and other security solutions
Verity VRTY Yes Software for corporate web portals and e-commerce sites
Vignette VIGN Yes E-commerce software maker
ViryaNet VRYA Yes Web-based software to automate field service delivery. Market cap $26 million
WebEx WEBX Yes Survived big stock dive after Microsoft bought competing maker of software for Web-based conferencing. RWII member
WebMD HLTH Yes Runs popular health site and also sells technology to health care providers
Websense WBSN Yes Makes software companies use to monitor employees' use of the Net at work
Wipro WIT Yes Indian outsourcing leader does the grunt work of e-business
Yahoo YHOO Yes Big Web portal has had major turnaround
Yahoo Japan Yes Yahoo owns big chunk of independent company traded in Tokyo
24/7 Media TFSM No Online advertising services company predicts 2004 pro forma profit
724 Solutions SVNX No Software for mobile e-commerce. Market cap about $20 million
AdStar ADST NA Hasn't reported 4Q but has lost money until now. Makes software to track execution of classified-ad campaigns
Agile Software AGIL No Maker of manufacturing collaboration software lost four cents ashare, meeting Wall St. targets.
Akamai AKAM No Cash flow positive, makes a wide range of e-commerce related software
Alloy ALOY No E-tailer and direct marketing company targeting teenage girls. Used to be profitable.
AOL Latin America AOLA No AOL in Latin America, like the name says.
AsiaInfo ASIA No Guides to 2004 profit.
Audible Inc ADBL.OB No Makes software to deliver audio over the Web; had positive cash flow in 4Q for first time
Avistar Communications AVSR No Video meetings over IP connections
Backweb BWEB No Software to let corporate clients have mobile access to Web assets
Barnesandnoble BNBN No Has agreed to be acquired
Blue Martini BLUE No CRM and marketing related software company
Braun Consulting BRNC No Loss under $1 million in 4Q
Broadvision BVSN No Was profitable but for restructuring charge in 4Q
Centra Software CTRA No 4Q loss about $1 million. Cash flow positive.
Checkfree CKFR No Issue is big depreciation expenses for this powerful cash-generating machine. Makes e-bill payment software sold to banks
Chordiant Software CHRD No CRM company with focus on financial services industry
CMGI CMGI No Web-company incubator (Lycos, for example) has gone a while without a big hit
Commerce One CMRC No Makes software for online procurement; hampered by failure of online B2B exchanges to take off
CommTouch Software CTCH No Makes spam fighting software
Corio CRIO No Applications service provider runs software over the Net
Covad Communications COVD No Provides broadband web access
Critical Path CPTH No Messaging and identity-management software
deltathree DDDC No VOIP service provider
digitalthink DTHK No Designs online training courseware
docent DCNT no Another e-learning software player, $80 million market cap DSCM no E-tailer is pro forma profitable
ebookers EBKR NA Earnings March 22. No profits to date
Edgar Online EDGR No Subscription service provides SEC filings to online traders
Egain Communications EGAN No Online customer service software
Equinix EQIX No Operates Web business hubs where companies interconnect their Internet facilities
First Virtual FVCX No Rich Web conferencing
Freemarkets FMKT No Being bought by Ariba. Makes e-procurement software
GigaMedia GIGM No Taiwan broadband play
GoAmerica GOAM No Software for secure wireless access to corporate data networks.
GRI Communications GRIC No Has been intermittently profitable. Runs several thousand Wi-Fi hotspots in US
Healthstream HSTM No Training and education software for the healthcare industry
Homestore HOMS No Some analysts think owner of could make money by the end of the year
iBasis IBAS No Voice over Internet
I-Many IMNY No Another procurement software player
Infonet Services IN No Corporate data communications services
InterNap Network Services IIP No Business focused data connectivity provider
Internet Capital Group ICGE No Onetime high-flyer a total mess
Interwoven IWOV No Content management software
Intraware ITRA No Electronic software delivery -- lost less than $500,000 on $2.5 million in sales.
ITXC Corp ITXC No Voice over Internet, run by former AT&T executive
Jacada JCDA No Software to let business Web-enable legacy software applications
Kana Software KANA No Has been profitable in the past
Kintera KNTA No Software as service to nonprofits -- IPO 12/03
Lastminute LMIN No Shares of leading European online travel agency have been buoyed by takeover talk
Loudeye LOUD No Rich media applications support for corporate clients including Coke
MatrixOne MONE No Product lifecycle management software hastens new product intros by clients
Navisite NAVI No Hosting company made profit before non-cash item in its most recent quarter, ending Oct. 31
Neoforma NEOF No Hospital procurement
Netperceptions NETP No Being acquired. Market cap $11 million for yet another CRM vendor
Netratings NTRT No Neilsen of the Net, telling you how many people visit each site
NetSolve NTSL No Network configuration software maker lost only about $100,000 in fourth quarter
Onvia ONVI No On latest of many business models, matches government agency buyers to potential suppliers
Open Solutions OPEN No Went public 11/03. Sells e-bnaking software to small banks
Openwave OPWV No Sells wireless-data software to cell phone makers and wireless carriers. Profits due in 2005.
Orbitz ORBZ No But CEO says e-travel agency is "solidly" profitable. 4Q loss came from stock-option restructuring charge
Overstock OSTK No Some analysts love this discount e-tailer, other think its gross margins are too small
PFSWeb PFSW No Hosting company has market cap under $40 million
Plumtree PLUM No Maker of software for corporate portals and intranets has been profitable in the past
Portal Software PRSF No Billing and customer management software
Provo International FNT No Tiny ISP with 31 employees
Quotesmith QUOT No Says it will be profitable in 2004
Quovadx QVDX No Guides to 2004 profit
Radview RDVW No Only $5 million in annual sales for maker of Web application-testing software
Rainmaker Systems RMKR No Small CRM company
Real Networks RNWK No Online music hasn't saved them yet
Rediff REDF no India portal is EBITDA-positive
Retek RETK no Collaboration and predictive software for retail industry
Saba SABA No E-Learning software company still looking for steady profits
Salon SALN no Left-leaning online mag of politics and culture, worth only $2 million
Savvis SVVS No E-business consulting firm
Sciquest SQST No E-procurement for life sciences and materials management industries
Selectica SLTC No Software to manage product pricing across Web and other sales channels
serviceware technologies SVCW No Knowledge management software
Sify SIFY No India-based hosting company and Internet service provider makes money before non-cash charges
SkillSoft SKIL No Makes training software for IT pros
SonicWall SNWL No Cash-flow positive security maker is right at tipping point and growing
SSP Solutions SSPX No Security software and hardware maker STMP No Sells postage over the Net
Terra Networks TRLY No Runs in US and sells Web access in Europe
Trizetto TZIX No Guides to 2004 profit
VA Software LNUX No Oct 31 quarter most recent report for Linux software maker
Vastera VAST No Pro forma profitable
Verisign VRSN No Pro forma profitable -- stock has been rising
Versata VATA No Software tools to support J2EE application development
VerticalNet VERT no Procurement software seller was big boom-era star, now struggling to hang on
Via VNWI No Dutch-based Web access player
Vitria Technology VITR No Maker of business process integration software narrowed 4Q loss to $400K
Watchguard Technologies WGRD No Internet security devices sold to small companies. Makes pro forma profits
Webmethods WEBM No XML enterprise application integration company
Witness Systems WITS No But customer-contact management software player is now cash-flow positive

By Timothy J. Mullaney

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