Who Will Fastow Implicate?

Enron's ex-CFO is a loose cannon who could shoot in several directions, at a string of Enron execs, bankers, and lawyers

It's a safe bet that a lot of people in Houston probably had trouble falling asleep last night. Now that former Enron (ENRNQ ) Corp. Chief Financial Officer Andrew S. Fastow has joined forces with the Justice Dept., he could potentially implicate dozens of execs, bankers, and lawyers for contributing to the company's downfall (see BW Online, 1/8/04, "From the Fastows to the Bigger Fish?"). Unlike WorldCom (WCOEQ ), Tyco (TYC ) HealthSouth, (HLSH ), and many other recent corporate scandals, where the circle of accused wrongdoers is small, the Enron case involved "large groups of officers and employees, representing such diverse functions as finance, accounting, tax, and legal," according to a report filed last year by bankruptcy examiner R. Neal Batson.

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