Orion: To Argentina, Via Vancouver

A Gold and Copper-tunity
Rarely does this column feature stocks traded on the Toronto Exchange, but Northern Orion Resources (NNO CN ) is an exception. The Vancouver-based copper and gold producer expects to list on the American Stock Exchange in early 2004, pending Securities & Exchange Commission approval. Meantime, its buy of a 12.5% stake in the Bajo de la Alumbrera mine in Argentina has already yielded benefits.

Frank Holmes, chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors (GROW ), says Orion is adding $100,000 a day in revenues. U.S. Global owns 7% of Orion. Holmes figures Orion, which posted cash flow of 11 cents a share in the third quarter, will see 15 cents in the fourth due to a spike in commodity prices. It logged earnings of 2 cents a share in the third quarter, up from a 4 cents loss a year ago. Now at 3, the stock should hit 9 in six months, says Holmes. He expects earnings to soar 500% in the next three quarters, in part from still-new deposits yet to come onstream. By company estimates, its new Agua Rica mine near Alumbrera contains more than 10 million ounces of gold and 18 billion pounds of copper.

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By Gene G. Marcial

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