Medamicus: The Pulse Is Rising

Leaping Up
Medamicus (MEDM ), a small outfit that supplies medical-device giants Medtronic (MDT ), St. Jude (STJ ), and Guidant (GDT ), makes such percutaneous products as venous-vessel introducers, used in implanting catheters, pacemakers, and defribrillators. It is making money but will soon make even more -- on larger sales resulting from its recent purchase of Biomec Cardiovascular.

Analysts say it will boost Medamicus' 2004 earnings. The buy is a "turning point" for Medamicus, says Dennis Nielsen of investment firm Felt & Co., because it broadens its product line and would also quicken the development of devices used for less-invasive procedures for the heart, brain, and spinal cord.

Patrick Donohue of Northland Securities figures earnings will jump from 2003's estimated 38 cents a share, on sales of $18.9 million, to 51 cents on $33.7 million in 2004, and to 73 cents on $41.9 million in 2005. Now at 12, the stock is attractive because of strong earnings and a pipeline of proprietary products. His price target: 16 in a year.

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By Gene G. Marcial

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