The Project: Replace a collection of 51 employee-training sites countrywide with e-learning in 2002.

The Payoff: Save around $10 million a year in training costs and roll out new services in stores more efficiently.

Kinko's has long been the road warrior's digital lifeline, providing everything from Internet access to electronic repositories for slide shows. Now, Kinko's is using the Web to hoist its 20,000 workers into the Digital Age.

Last year, the company replaced 51 U.S. training centers with a $2.5 million e-learning network. It lets workers take online courses covering everything from products to policies. Kinko's expects to spend about $5.5 million on training this year, barely one-third of the 2001 total.

E-learning is boosting sales, too. Three months ago, Kinko's began rolling out services to make banners and signs. Shops that provided online courses on these offerings saw revenues rise 27%. That compares with 11% elsewhere in the Kinko chain, says Paul Rostron, Kinko's chief people officer. That's a lesson worth learning -- and sharing over the Web.

By Stephanie Anderson Forest

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