Bovis Lend Lease

The Project: Builders, architects, and suppliers collaborate online on a $600 million revamp of 10,000 BP America gas stations.

The Payoff: By automating the work, the team doubled the pace of renovation, to 200 gas stations a week.

It was a management nightmare. Construction giant Bovis Lend Lease was overseeing a $600 million renovation of 10,000 gas stations for BP America (BP ). With 25 suppliers and subcontractors, Bovis Vice-President Mark Napier sent out a mind-boggling 22,500 faxes for parts orders alone during 2001, the first year of work.

Napier had to try another way. So last year he switched to managing the four-year project with Constructware, software that allows builders, architects, and suppliers to collaborate over the Web. Planning is now centralized through an online hub.

The system has helped more than double the pace of renovations, to 200-plus stations a week. "Constructware has let us reengineer our whole supply chain," Napier says. These days, that old fax barely rings.

By Charles Haddad

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