What's Inside A CEO's Bag


I bought my Ping B90 long putter from my friend Gary Groh, a veteran tour player. I used to putt like a 30-handicapper, but this helped me eliminate the yips. It's so heavy that if you take it back straight, it comes through straight.


My clubs are what I like to call "yard sale technology," because some of them are 15 years old. When I go with the new high-tech equipment, I can hit shots 15 yards longer -- if I hit it on the sweet spot. But since I'm not always accurate, using the new high-tech clubs means my ball goes deeper into the bad stuff. I have friends who will only play Titleist ProV1s, but I'll play any ball. Right now, I'm playing the Wilson Jack.


My son took my Callaway Hawk Eye driver, so I went into my business partner Phil Friedmann's trunk and borrowed his 10-degree Big Bertha War Bird, a vintage eight-to-10-year-old club.


My son also took my TaylorMade 300 series 3-wood, so I dug through my closet and found an old Big Bertha War Bird 3-wood. I still have my TaylorMade 5-wood. And I have two 7-woods, including a Cobra Baffler Steel Classic that's 15 years old. I carry it to avoid hitting 4-irons and, depending on the day, 5-irons.


I use commemorative silver dollars or large foreign coins because at Bandon Dunes, the greens are so large you need a ball marker that's big and shiny so you don't lose it. I have a 200-lira coin in my bag.


I got it six years ago when I played in a charity pro-am hosted by my friend Peter Jacobsen. Funny thing is, it doesn't have a name on it, so I don't know what kind it is.


My Wilson Deep Red irons were given to me by an executive at Wilson six years ago. I don't play the 3-iron -- it's too hard for me to hit.

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