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Know your passions and how an MBA -- from Cornell -- will help you achieve your goals, says admissions director Natalie Grinblatt

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Natalie Grinblatt, director of admissions and financial aid at Cornell University's Johnson School of Management, which is No. 8 in BusinessWeek's 2002 list of the top B-schools, offers some advice on the B-school application process. Before joining Johnson, Grinblatt worked in admissions and student services at the University of Michigan B-school, where she received her MBA in 1987. She also worked in retail management and buying for Federated Department Stores. BusinessWeek Online reporter Mica Schneider interviewed Grinblatt on Oct. 22. Here's an edited version of their conversation:

Q: How has the admissions process changed recently at Cornell?


We're trying to smooth out the interview process, because doing interviews by invitation creates a bottleneck. We always got caught scrambling toward the end of a deadline and the beginning of a new deadline.

Q: What new strategies is your office testing in an effort to recruit future MBAs?


We're doing a military outreach initiative, which was started by our students in the Veterans Club and by one of my colleagues. We're promoting the program at some of the major forts in the U.S., talking to military personnel about the degree and Cornell. We're trying to put out the idea that an MBA education, after the military, is a great option. We find military officers to be very successful in our program and as alumni. I don't know of any other schools doing this kind of outreach.

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