Sharpen Your Internet Searches

All search engines are not equal. Knowing where and how to make your queries can help you and your business get that vital info -- fast

It's arguably the Internet's most revolutionary utility, beyond even e-mail. Search -- the ability to access information instantly across the globe, from population statistics on Peru to recipes for chicken lasagna -- is an act performed 550 million times a day on the Internet. Still, few users understand which is the best search engine for their particular needs and how to tune it for topflight results. Improving your ability to get from Point A to Point B, however, isn't rocket science. For starters, a couple of basic search tips can dramatically improve your results. After that, knowing which sources actually provide answers to your search queries -- and what their financial motivation is -- can also help sharpen your navigation skills. Armed with a little knowledge, your searches can more resemble a heat-seeking missile.

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