Bush-Putin Summit

Vladimir V. Putin's and George W. Bush's meeting at Camp David on Sept. 26 is expected to underscore the resilience of the U.S.-Russian relationship, despite Moscow's opposition to the Iraq war. Sure, Putin shares French and German concerns about the U.S.-led occupation, but he has also been working to find a formula that would bridge the divide in the U.N. Security Council and lead to a peacekeeping mission in Iraq, possibly including Russian troops. On another thorny issue, Moscow has frozen its support of Iran's nuclear program.

In return, Putin wants stronger U.S. backing for Russia's bid to join the World Trade Organization and the lifting, finally, of the decades-old Jackson-Vanik Amendment, which tied Russia's trade status with the U.S. to its emigration policy. Putin is facing criticism at home for his pro-U.S. tilt.

Edited by Rose Brady

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