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A Label That Sticks

Fashions come, fashions go -- but a great brand name is always in style. As this designer realizes, the trick is finding one with legs

By Karen E. Klein

Q: I have been working in the urban apparel business for six years and see a lot of potential in this field, but the problem is the longevity -- or lack of it -- of names or brands. I now have an investor to help start my own brand, and the hardest thing is coming up with a name. Can you give me suggestions about what strategy I should employ? -- D.L., New York City


You are right to focus on your brand. A successful fashion label will transcend your name, even if you name the company after yourself. "Figuring out which naming strategy will work best means first figuring out your brand positioning," says Jay Jurisich, creative director of Igor, a naming-and-branding consultancy based in San Francisco. Says Jurisich, you must "carefully define your attitude, your particular sense of style and fashion, and what sets you apart from the other labels."