How Green Are Your Investments?

Thursday, Sept. 11 - 4:30 to 5:30 pm ET

Guests: Garvin F. Jabusch and Henry B. Dunlap Smith of the Sierra Club Stock Fund

The Sierra Club is more than a fighter for the environment -- it also has mutual funds that aim at investing in stocks of environmentally friendly and socially responsible companies. And the Sierra Club Stock Fund (SCFSX) aims for high total returns with a portfolio that meets those criteria.

Among its top holdings are Novellus, Applied Materials, Gilead Sciences, and Best Buy. As of June 30, some 85% of its assets were in stocks, and it hedges its bets partly by dividing management between two sub-advisers with differing styles.

Join this chat to find out how well this technique works -- and what stocks to buy if you share these goals. Our guests will be Garvin F. Jabusch, director of research and awareness for Sierra Club Funds, and Henry B. Dunlap Smith, portfolio co-manager of the Sierra Club Stock Fund.

Garvin Jabusch, who has an MBA from Thunderbird, joined the funds last year to oversee the stock screening process. Previously, he was with Morgan Stanley. Harry Smith is chief investment officer and strategy team member of Harriss Bretall Sullivan & Smith, which is one of the sub-advisers to the Sierra Club Funds. He has a BA from Colorado College.

The moderators of this chat will be Jack Dierdorff (JackBW), consulting editor of BW Online and former managing editor of the magazine, and Karyn McCormack (Karynmack), producer for BW Online.

Hope to see you in the audience!

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