General Maritime: Its Tanker Business Is Brisk

Full Steam Ahead
Some value investors are betting on General Maritime (GMR ). With a January purchase of 19 ships from Athens' Metrostar Management, it is No. 2 in midsize tankers. Its 46 vessels ply the Atlantic Basin, including the North Sea and Black Sea.

Maritime is in a "strong position" to capitalize on the dwindling tanker supply and a rise in U.S. oil imports as the economy perks up, says Gary Goldstein of Gilford Securities. Its stock has surged from 5 in October to 11.60 on July 30. But, he adds, it's still trading at only 3.8 times his 2004 earnings estimate of $3 per share -- and below book value of $14 a share. Goldstein's 18-month target: 19. Maritime posted record earnings in the first half. "We expect the full impact of the acquisitions in the third quarter," says CEO Peter Georgiopoulos.

He figures they would add 30% to 35% to earnings on a full-year basis. Magnus Fhyr of Jefferies raised his 2003 earnings estimate to $2.61 a share, and for 2004 to $2.90 (reflecting the 19 tankers' contribution), up from 9 cents in 2002. He rates the stock a buy. Jefferies co-managed Maritime's IPO in 2001.

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By Gene G. Marcial

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