Dealing with Adversity

Philips uses voice prompts and simple graphics to guide household members, office dwellers, boaters, or just about anyone in the use of its small defibrillator. "The designers took the frightening procedure of shocking the heart and simplified the process in an intuitive unit," said juror Mark Steiner. It also simplified the product's assembly and reduced materials to cut its cost. Simple assembly was also key to CAPS, the Contaminant Air Processing System designed for the U.S. Air Force by Survival Inc. Its 1,055 components fit into two 7-ft.-by-4-ft.-by-4-ft. containers, which can be airlifted anywhere and set up without tools. It decontaminates large numbers of people much faster than previous systems. Euforia Design Inc.'s Survival Pod is a watertight medical transporter, shelter, stretcher, first aid kit, and water purifier -- all in one unit -- used to help flood victims where equipment is limited.

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