Cutting the Cord with TLC

Design Edge captured the emotional side of childbirth in a functional surgical tool, the Joey Clamp. It performs both the surgical cutting and clamping procedures in one single-handed action and attaches a friendly-looking koala character clamp to the baby. It "minimizes the use of 'cold' steel surgical instruments and humanizes the miracle of life," says juror Mark Steiner of Steiner Design Associates. Herbst LaZar Bell Inc. carefully researched both parents' and infants' needs to design its First Year Comfort Care Baby Products. It has scissors that combine small blades with large, adult-size finger rings, nail clippers with a magnifying lens to see a baby's tiny fingernails, and a set of toothbrushes for three different levels of teething. "Great attention has been paid to the choice of material, color, and ergonomic handling," said jury chair Naomi Gornick of Naomi Gornick Associates.

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