Catalyst Award

The Catalyst Award is a separate prize that goes to those well-designed products that have done well in the marketplace. The Delta Pull-Out Spray Faucet helped push Delta Faucet Co.'s market share in that category up from 1.6% to 23.2% in two years. The 470 and 474 pull-out spray faucets are priced from $227.15 to $294.30. Nike's Triax 250 Sports Watch Series designed by Astro Studios and Nike was the company's first brand extension from running shoes into watches. Nike now sells nearly 2 million watches a year, at $85 to $130 apiece, generating $100 million annually. Honorable Mention goes to the DynaMyte Augmentative Communicator, designed by Daedalus Excel, LSB Technology, and DynaVox Systems. The $6,650 DynaMyte is a portable touchscreen communicator designed for people with disabilities such as seniors who've had strokes, children with Down's syndrome, and people with multiple sclerosis. Touch words, icons, or phrases and a voice speaks.

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