"Being Laid Off. It's Not a Happy Thing"

Former dot-com high-flier Michael Laskoff is turning career distress into a new career with his book Landing on the Right Side of Your Ass

During the Internet's heyday, Fortune magazine likened Michael Laskoff, then chief marketing officer at CompUSA's Cozone.com, to a dot-com Hannibal Lechter, feasting on the Old Economy. His ride to the top was certainly dizzying. After graduating from Harvard Business School in 1994, Laskoff joined investment bank Furman Selz and hop-scotched his way to Bertelsmann, McKinsey, and WorldQuest Networks. Laskoff reveled in his identity as a gilded Internet guy, as his salary soared 1,300% from 1989 to 2000, to $350,000.

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