Snapshots on a CD

It's bigger and bulkier than most digital cameras. At $500, it's also expensive -- maybe $150 more than similar models. But if you're intrigued by the ability of digital cameras to show you the shot you just snapped yet don't want the fuss of hooking your camera to a computer to save your pictures, this is the one for you.

Sony's three-megapixel Mavica MVC-CD350 and its five-megapixel sibling ($700) are the only models on the market with a CD burner built in. They use a three-inch recordable CD that costs less than $2 and holds up to 150 high-quality shots. Just as with film, once you push the shutter you've got a permanent copy.

To see the pictures, just pop the disk into any computer, or even some DVD players.To get prints, take it to the drugstore. When it's time to file them away, the three-inch disks are an easy fit for, yes, a shoebox.

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