A Grill to Wow a Crowd

Already have the dream house and vintage 'Vette? Maybe it's time for a trophy grill. A tidy $8,000 will land you Vieluxe's ne plus ultra alternative to charcoal and lighter fluid. The 56-inch-wide behemoth would impress a four-star chef intent on feeding a picnicking army. If the six 12,500-BTU main burners are full, you can put the cauldron of beans across a pair of side burners at 14,000 BTUs each. The infrared-heated rotisserie fits four chickens -- just don't forget to load the cedar chips into the automatic smoker. Vieluxe, a subsidiary of grill giant Weber-Stephen Products, builds this 440-pound indulgence out of weather-proof stainless steel.

By Adam Aston

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