Canon PowerShot S50

A great selection of features, along with strong image quality, makes the PowerShot S50 a very attractive package

What's hot: The PowerShot S50 combines ease of use, excellent picture quality, a 5-megapixel image sensor, and a great selection of features into a handy, point-and-shoot-style model. At just over 4 inches long and under 2 inches thick, it fits easily into a pocket, and the controls are well arranged. For instance, you access the seven scene modes (such as portrait and sports) through a dial on top; many other cameras force you to wade through on-screen menus to change scene modes. The quality of the images that the PowerShot S50 produced was impressive: The photos were sharp and well exposed, though images taken with the built-in flash tended to look a bit bleached out. We also noticed some noise (a pattern that looks a little like TV static) in several photos, the effect being most noticeable in the blue skies of outdoor shots.

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