Class Canceled on Account of War?

Not at DePaul's MBA program in Bahrain: When the area became too dangerous to send teachers to, the school quickly switched to distance learning

The day was Mar. 20, the time 4 a.m., and DePaul University marketing professor Roger Baran's MBA class was nowhere to be found. Chicago-based Baran double-checked his clock. Then he searched his videoconferencing screen for the 20 eager faces that normally would have been looking back at him from Manama, Bahrain, where the time was 1 p.m. Was it a class prank? After all, Baran was to give a four-hour midterm exam that day. He waited half an hour, then opened his e-mail. Several students had written in, mentioning the start of war in Iraq and asking Baran to postpone the test.

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