David Pyke's Book Recommendations

Reading List:


"Charlie Fine's book provides a compelling analysis of business using analogies from genetics. He argues that all competitive advantage is temporary and that some industries -- the fruit flies -- have incredibly fast clockspeeds, while others -- the dinosaurs -- slog along much more slowly. Managers must understand the clockspeeds of their supply chains, the underlying technologies of their products and services, and the product design processes, if they want to achieve advantage. I found the book very helpful in thinking about operations strategy, supply chain management and new product development."


"This book is based on the author's BBC television series of the same name. Burke takes a fascinating trip through the centuries illustrating how recent inventions are connected to a very long stream of discoveries. It is a delight to see how accidents, inventions in far flung fields, and just plain hard work contribute to discovery. This is a must read, in my opinion, for anyone interested in technology, advances in production, or the history of science. It is entirely suitable for the layperson. Unfortunately, it is out of print, so you'll need to visit the library or get one from the few that are available at Amazon. A more recent work by the same author may suffice if you can't get [this one] -- The Day the Universe Changed (1985).

Biographical Info:

David Pyke, Professor of Operations Management, came to Tuck in 1987 after receiving his PhD in Decision Science from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He was promoted to full professor in 1999. In the spring of 2002, he was named associate dean for the MBA program, and is currently responsible for all academic aspects of the MBA program at Tuck, including the management of the curriculum and coordination of appropriate committees.

He has taught several courses at Tuck, including Operations Management, Strategic Management of Manufacturing, Analysis and Operation of Inventory Systems, and Technological Innovation in Manufacturing. He has taught in many of Tuck's executive education programs and held visiting professorships at the International University of Japan, Helsinki School of Economics, the Wharton School, and WHU in Germany.

David Pyke is currently Operating Partner, Tuckerman, LLC. He has worked with several chemical companies in quality control and operations research, and has consulted for The Rand Corporation, McLean-Fogg, Lemmon Company, Accenture, Corning, and Black & Decker. He has served as an expert witness on supply chain management for securities cases, and serves on the Board of Directors of Ecovantage Reprographics. He is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, the American Production and Inventory Control Society, and the International Society for Inventory Research. He is also Co-Research Director for e-Business and Supply Chain at the Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck.

Professor Pyke earned his undergraduate degree at Haverford College and his MBA at Drexel University. He obtained both a Masters and Ph.D. from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

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