Favorites in an "Extreme" Market

John Licata of BrokerageAmerica lays out the case for gold, trucking, and even a few telecom outfits

It's a volatile stock-picker's market, but chances are good that it will be up 10% by the end of the year, believes John Licata, senior market strategist for BrokerageAmerica. Among the sectors he thinks have good buys are telecom, tech, gold, and trucking. These were some of the points Licata made in an investing chat presented Feb. 6 by BusinessWeek Online on America Online, in replying to questions from the audience and from Jack Dierdorff and Karyn McCormack of BW Online. Following are edited excerpts from that chat. A complete transcript is available from BusinessWeek Online on AOL, keyword: BW Talk.

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