Couture Chocolates: Now That's Sweet

Looking to melt a heart on Valentine's Day? Get help from artisanal chocolatiers, craftspeople who meld rich, natural flavors and higher cacao content--but no preservatives--in ingenious confections.

In New York, pastry chef Jacques Torres ( has made a splash with truffles in flavors such as Earl Grey Tea and Grand Marnier, while Garrison Confections ( is warming hearts with Chestnut Armagnac and Winter Mango. San Francisco's Pete Slosberg, creator of Pete's Wicked Ale, has started Cocoa Pete's Chocolate Adventure ( Check out his Hallowed Grounds, with dark chocolate, caramel, and Italian-roast coffee.

Ganache chocolates
Chocolatier Editor Michael Schneider raves about Ganache Chocolates in Fort Myers, Fla. (, for hand-painted creations bursting with banana or pineapple flavor.

Sure, they run $40 per pound and up. Still, "I never have any complaints about the prices," insists Torres. After all, who can put a price on delivering a sublime experience to your beloved?

By Gerry Khermouch

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