"Viewing Men as the Enemy Is Tired"

A new kind of partnership is being forged between working husbands and wives, says author Debra Condren

Debra Condren is the president of New York city-based HumanInvestment.com, an executive coaching and professional development firm. In 1998, she kicked off a study of 500 high-achieving women, focusing on their ambition, their careers, and their marriages. Condren continues to study this group, who range in age from 28 to 48 and live in the Bay Area, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Nearly all have husbands who work outside of the home, and 30% of these women outearn their husbands (see BW Online, 1/28/03, "Look Who's Bringing Home More Bacon"). Condren, who will highlight her overall findings in an upcoming book, Getting Hers, recently spoke with BusinessWeek Working Life Editor Michelle Conlin. Edited excerpts of their conversation follow:

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