XM Radio: Now You Can Try It at Home

Since its launch last year, XM Satellite Radio (800 852-9696, xmradio.com) has been broadcasting a refreshingly eclectic selection into the cars of more than 200,000 subscribers nationwide. For $9.99 a month, listeners get a diverse lineup of 101 CD-quality channels--and the pleasure of tuning into one of XM's dozens of music stations to find something new, or come across classic recordings.

XM Radio
But why limit this programming to the road? XM has introduced a line of plug-and-play components that work just as easily at home as in the the car. The heart of the system, made by Delphi, is the portable XM SKYFi Radio receiver ($129.99). For tunes on the go, the SKYFi unit clicks easily into a specially designed dock ($69.99) attached to your car stereo. Once you're home, pull out the SKYFi receiver and pop it into a compatible boombox ($99.99) for XM reception right on your kitchen counter.

By Adam Aston

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