European Markets Slide

War fears and a weak U.S. dollar also pushed Asia's stock markets lower

European stocks finished lower Monday amid disappointing economic news and increased fears of war.

London's FTSE index was down 122.90 points, or 3.41%, to 3,480.80, bringing the index near seven-year lows. Sellers dominated trading on worries about the potential for a U.S. and British armed conflict with Iraq, and fear global economies will slow.

In Paris, the CAC-40 index lost 102.82 points, or 3.55%, to 2,795.78. In Frankfurt, the DAX index was down 74.02 points, or 2.72%, to 2,643.80. Besides worries about war, traders in Germany also cited unhappiness with the Schroder government's failure to follow through on economic reform programs.

In Asia, stocks finished with losses. Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell 122.18 points, or 1.40%, to 8,609.47 as stocks were pressured by mounting fear about war and weak sentiment on Wall Street last Friday. Japan's exporter shares were also weighed by the U.S. dollar's weakness ahead of the UN report on Iraq. Meanwhile, Hong Kong's benchmark Hang Seng index declined 161.93 points, or 1.71%, to 9,298.67.

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