ECC International: Ripe for a Takeover

By Gene G. Marcial

While most defense stocks have fallen since midyear, arms maker ECC International (ECC ) continues to fly high. When featured in this column on May 6, 2002, the stock was at 3.20. Buoyed by a profit turnaround and takeover talk, ECC reached 4.90 on Dec. 11 before easing to 4.17 on Jan. 8. A takeover may soon come to pass, say people close to ECC. Last year, ECC formed an internal panel to explore a possible sale. When nothing materialized, CEO James Garrett was replaced by James Henderson of Steel Partners, which owns 29% of ECC.

Steel Partners has a history of maximizing the value of its companies and then selling them. Henderson was CEO of Aydin when Steel Partners sold it to L-3 Communications (LLL ). So the buzz is that ECC will end up in a similar sale--to L-3 or DRS Technologies (DRS ), now on a buying binge. One investor says ECC is worth 10 in a buyout. ECC earned 11 cents a share in the quarter ended Sept. 30, vs. a loss of 7 cents last year. Trailing 12-month earnings are 56 cents a share, for a low price-earnings ratio of 7.6. ECC has a book value of $3.54 a share and no debt.

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