A Store of Marketing Wisdom

For straightforward advice about raising your outfit's profile, you can't beat these authors' tried-and-tested insights

By Karen E. Klein

Q: Could you recommend some books that would help a retail store develop a budget strategy for marketing and advertising? -- G.G., Marietta, Ga.


Just in time to make your holiday shopping list, here are the favorite titles of a few Smart Answers marketing experts:

"The two 'must haves' in my professional library are Successful Direct Marketing Methods, by Bob Stone and Ron Jacobs, and How to Write a Successful Marketing Plan by Roman Hiebing, says Meg Goodman, a Chicago-based marketing veteran. "The direct-marketing book was written by the man who coined the term 'direct marketing,'" she says. "It provides useful tips, dos and don'ts, and actual case studies -- and provides excellent direction for the reader in plain English."

As for Hiebing's book, Goodman lauds it as an excellent marketing resource. "It takes the reader through the process step by step," she adds. "It also provides useful work sheets, and provides great budget advice."


  Retail-marketing expert Bob Kramer recommends Streetsmart Marketing by Jeff and Marc Slutsky. "They have been my mentors for years and I give much credit to them for my survival in the retail business," Kramer says. "My stores, though sold, are still prospering by following their marketing model."

Donald Ziccardi and David Moin's Masterminding the Store is the book that Lynn Sarkany recommends to clients of her Marketfinders consultancy. "The book shows retailers how to develop a marketing plan that profiles their optimum store customer," Sarkany says. "Ziccardi tells readers how to develop a unique message or image, and how to promote that image through both traditional and nontraditional advertising media, including billboards, print ads, cable and the Internet."

"The book also offers techniques for identifying the best customers, analyzing their buying habits, and drawing them into the store. It is especially useful because it's packed with real-life anecdotes and examples of successful campaigns."

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