A Cyclist's New Best Friend

Everybody knows that powering both the front and rear wheels on a car or truck vastly improves traction. Cyclists, though, have had to make do with rear-wheel-drive. Now, Christini Technologies (christini.com) has built a two-wheel-drive mountain bike that works like a pedal-powered Jeep.

Christini's design runs a pair of driveshafts, powered by a small gear on the rear wheel, through the bicycle's frame. A gear in the headset (where the handlebars meet the frame) transfers power to another driveshaft that runs down the fork and, in turn, attaches to a gear on the front wheel. The whole affair adds 2.7 pounds to the bike.

The bike's price is steep at $3,000 to $4,000(depending on the options you choose). But so are the hills you'll be able to climb when you click the all-wheel-drive button.


By David Rocks

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