What's Inside a CEO's Bag

What 2 top executives are playing on the course


CEO, Union Planters Corp.


jackson moore
"I've got Spalding Top-Flites from the 1950s, MacGregor VIPs, Maxfli Australian Blades, and Mizuno Grads stored at home because I can't bear to give my old irons away. It would be like taking money out of the bank. For now, however, I'm investing in current technology."


I've used every Callaway driver made, and my 10-degree VFT is the best ever. With the shaft I kept from an ERC-II, it hits the ball real straight and farther than I hit the ball when I was 30.

My Big Bertha 3-wood is the oldest club in my bag--and my most reliable if I'm trying to hook the ball, whether off the tee or from the fairway.


I'm a low-ball hitter, so my 17-degree Orlimar is great when I have to hit, say, 200-plus yards over water.


I could move the ball better with my forged irons, but my Hogan Apex Plus irons (3-PW, with D-4 shafts), are a lot more forgiving.


I liked my Cleveland sand wedge so much I bought Cleveland's 60-degree because it looks the same at address and feels much the same on the takeaway. That makes me comfortable over the ball.


I picked up this tool when playing in Wyoming. I hate it when people don't repair ball marks on the greens, or mark the ball carefully. The number "1" reminds me of one-putting.


I pulled my never-used Ping Pal 2i out of the closet when I went through a dry spell with my Anser. The composite insert sounds and feels different, and I've been putting better. So much of putting is in your head.

moore's clubs


CEO, Intuit


steve bennett
""Because intuit supports small businesses with its software products, I turned to local clubmakers in my area when assembling my set: driver, woods, and irons from Matt Coe of Bay Golf in San Bruno, Calif.; wedges and putter from Art Chou of Pixl Golf in Palo Alto, Calif. The bottom line: If I make a bad shot, it's not the clubs; I have the equipment custom-fitted."


My Pixl 60-degree lob wedge, with a 3/4-inch-over-standard shaft, helps me hit the difficult touch shots and save strokes around the green from some of the odd places I put myself in.


When Matt custom-fit my KZG strong 3-wood and 4-wood, we added 3/4 of an inch to the custom Graphite Design shafts. I'm hitting it longer than ever.


Having worked at GE (GE ), I think of golf in Six Sigma terms: Eliminate the variation in both my swing and clubs. My Kent Silver Diamond custom non-offset cavity backs (3-PW) have been key to my lowest-ever USGA handicap.


I wanted the crisper feel of steel rather than polymers and a slightly longer-than-usual shaft to help me make five-footers more consistently. Pal 2i 1.8 model with steel pixels and a 37-inch shaft works for me.


I don't hit it all that long, but with my Titleist 975D Driver with custom ProForce 65 ATR stiff-flex shaft, I usually hit it straight and stay out of trouble.

bennett's clubs

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