Making Your Life Even Richer

You can always find something new and exciting in our BusinessWeek Investor section, from personal finance to personal technology. Now, you'll find a whole new look--and a greater variety of stories every week dedicated to making your life richer.

In addition to our bread-and-butter coverage on managing your investments, you'll find, from one week to the next, stories on autos, executive fitness, travel, food, wines and spirits, and fashion. We'll also cover workplace issues, from performance reviews and coaching to executive education to e-mail etiquette, in addition to our regular columns, The Barker Portfolio and Inside Wall Street.

With this issue, BusinessWeek Investor introduces a new page, Dividends, edited by Toddi Gutner, with fact-filled snapshots on money, investing, deals, gadgets, gear, business travel, and other interesting and useful news flashes. Dividends will also include "Time Off"--suggestions for time well spent when when you've got a few extra minutes on a business trip.

Our feature Investor story, the latest in our series, "The Fine Print," looks between the lines of analysts' reports and explains how to use the information you find there. (Start by disregarding the buy-sell-hold recommendations and price targets.) And we report on real estate investments for your IRA.

This week, we also provide a user's manual for the business suit, which is making a sharp-looking return, after a hiatus of a few years. We also advise fitness swimmers on how to improve their strokes and get more benefit from a workout.

There's much more to come. Next week, we will feature a Special Report on "Finding a Financial Adviser," a collaboration of the BusinessWeek and USA Today financial reporting teams.

BusinessWeek Investor's new design was created by Maryjane Fahey and David O'Connor of FaheyOConnor, working with Associate Art Director Alice Cheung.

Kick back, have a glass of wine, and enjoy our new personal section.

By Stephen B. Shepard, Editor-in-Chief

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